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karate benefits and tips while participating in martial arts

Karate Tips

Do not underestimate colleagues regardless of age.
Always protect your face.
If practiced regularly then 3 times per week are enough, the physical and technical results appear quickly in about one to two months.
From the age of 11, you can start training in karate. For younger children it is important that school has more recreational features beyond the notions of struggle.
People should get used to using karate exercises uniform and possibly for mouth guards. But in any struggle, the cornerstone is the teacher. Therefore, students should look for a gym with trained teachers, both technically and psychologically, to teach karate.

Benefits of Karate

Provides great cardio-vascular fitness and muscle (no gain muscle mass, but strength and definition).
Develops motor skills and mobility of joints.
Requires learning strategies by the fighter.
Encourages emotional self-control.
Can be applied to self-defense.

Karate Risk Factors

The risks are proportional to the wisdom of the teacher, that is with a careful teacher, the student runs little risk of getting hurt.
At the beginning it is easier to get hurt because the skills and motor coordination are not well developed, causing to hit the opponents elbows and knees.

Karate Equipment

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